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 Server Rules

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Rune Eclipse Owner.

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:10 pm

Server Rules:

These are the rules of the Rune Eclipse MMORPG, if you fail to comply with these rules you are liable to face action take against you depending on the severity of the rule you broke. If you think you have had unfair action taken against you, simply appeal the action with a 'Ban Appeal' ticket. From there a staff member will review and search it, then decide whether or not to lift the action that was taken against you. Please make sure to check back here often, as rules could possibly be altered. When creating an account you are agreeing that you will follow all of the Rules set by Claw himself. The rules of the server are located directly below:

Rule 1: Offensive Language
You are not permitted to use any language that may be considered racist, offensive or obscene in anyway shape or form. Offensive abbreviations are not allowed either.

Rule 2: Item Scamming
You are not allowed to deceive others for your own personal gain.

Rule 3: Password Scamming
You are not allowed to deceive another player into giving you their password, or other personal information.

Rule 4: Bug Abuse (Includes Noclip)
You Must not take advantage of any bugs that maybe on the server, or use the ::noclip command. If you find bugs, report them.

Rule 5: Rune Eclipse Staff impersonation
Impersonation of any Dodian Staff will not be tolerated on this server.

Rule 6: Monster Abuse
You must not abuse any NPC's in any way, shape, or form.

Rule 7: Macroing
No Third-Party Software allowed to be used whilst in game.

Rule 8: Item Duplication
Any duplication of items makes you receive a straight Permanent ban.

Rule 9: Encouraging others to Break Rules
You must not encourage others to break any of the rules, as that makes you just as bad as the person who broke the rule. Account selling/buying falls under this rule.

Rule 10: Misuse of Yell Channel
No Spamming, Offensive Language or Advertisement on the Yell channel is permitted.

Rule 11: Advertising / Website
You must not give out any URL's/Domains out to other players or advertise anything beyond runeclipse.co.cc.

Rule 12: Possible Duped Items
If you are suspected of being in possession of duped items you will be prosecuted for this rule.

Rule 13: Account sharing
You are not permitted to share, sell, loan, or trade accounts on Rune Eclipse. Failure to comply will result in a permanent ban.
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Server Rules
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